Anonymous said: There's no point in even making excuses. There is no reason why your child should play in a dryer. I don't care if you're doing laundry and "oh look how happy she is in here!". It just shouldn't be allowed. Your child can play with its toys. The ones that are meant for children. A dryer is not a toy and not meant for children and you should not act like it is. Letting them play in a dryer is just letting them know that it is something that is okay to do. I don't care what "safety" features you t


hink your dryer has and that there’s “No way possible she’ll get hurt!!!!”. It doesn’t matter. It is not a toy and you should just not let your kids get inside of them. It’s not a hard fucking concept. And I sure as fuck can’t wait for that text post the day your child accidentally gets stuck inside and you’re freaking the fuck out because your kid was inside the dryer with the door closed. God I swear all of yall are dumb as fuck when it comes to parenting. ITS NOT A FUCKING TOY.



I’m not even sure who did this, but I agree.

kids in dryers


I actually cannot believe so many people are supporting children playing an tumble dryers. Would you allow them to play in an oven because you were sat watching them? No. Why? Because it’s a fucking oven! It can kill them, so can a dryer! Dryers also CAN be closed from the…

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Know your double, a doppelgänger field guide -
John Martz

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I just want someone to save me. I can’t handle these feelings alone.

I love my kids but they deserve a better family than they have.

I’m so mentally/emotionally unstable and their dad is a manipulating abusive asshole and I wish I never laid eyes on him.

Everything I wanted was in my hand.
I gave it all up for a better man who beat me down, but on the ground I stand.
Sitting in the back, baby, hardly alive.
If I’m about to crack, kick the pedal and drive.
All this time the joke was on me.

Blame all your life on me.
Just blame all your life on me.
I gave it all for free.
Blame all your life on me.

I had a dream that I confronted the dude I was talking to about why he doesn’t like me, and he said because I’m an ax murderer lol wtf




So I just googled IUDs cos I’d not heard of them before.

Why would ANYONE let someone surgically insert something into your womb????

Because sometimes it’s preferable to having a living human inplanted in your womb for 9 months, tbh.


I had one. I had it less than a year and ended up pregnant. It was a tubal and I had to have it terminated.

There have been tons of lawsuits against merana(?) Because it isn’t safe.

I don’t recommend any one getting an IUD. Ever.

I’m on the pill. Its just a personal preference.

But I’ve heard a pretty fair mixture of good and bad things of the IUD. I know a girl who had a lot of problems because it somehow moved from its original placement, and then my aunt swears by it.
Personally, it scares me.

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Mother Of Special Needs Son Arrested After Entering His School To Console Him







A mother in St. Louis was unknowingly the reason for a lockdown at her special needs son’s school.

“I was lying in bed when I received a frantic phone call from the teacher, Michael was panicking,” said Niakea Williams — whose young son Michael has Asperger’s Syndrome — of the call she received before heading to the school.

“I saw a teacher and she said Ms. Williams what is wrong? I said something is wrong with Mikey and proceeded to go straight to my son.”

Once Williams got to her son’s classroom, she tried to calm him down and console him. The Walnut Groves Elementary School principal then entered the room to inform Williams that she failed to sign in at the desk and had therefore broken policy.

“’I didn’t sign the book, but I had to check on my son. You can bring me the book.’ She said, ‘Oh no, I’ve already called the police,’’ recalled Williams.

Soon after, local police arrived at the scene and arrested Williams in front of her son while the rest of the school was placed on a 12-minute lockdown. The school said the reason for the lockdown was “unauthorized entry to a school.”

“They escorted me away from my son, who already has emotional distress,” said Williams. “Four officers told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, I was under arrest.”

Williams believes her arrest was unnecessary and that the school overreacted. She says that everyone there already knows who she is, including the principal, claiming that they had actually met just a week prior to the incident. Williams is trying to fight the charges against her.

Of all the spiteful petty things to do after an obvious misunderstanding. Heaping this sort of anxiety and embarrassment on top of an already escalating behavioral episode is pretty unprofessional, in my book.

Black parents get demeaned and criminalized for being parents - there’s no winning against this bullshit system.

what the entire ever loving fuck

"We put these rules in place to keep you safe. They’re totally not about power and our gleeful and petty abuse of if. Why would you even think that? You must be up to something."


Seriously?! I would have gotten arrested for the same thing.

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