The twins are three months old so I guess I could post my birth story now, huh?

Finding out that I wasn’t able to deliver naturally was heartbreaking. I was terrified of a C-Section, but unfortunately, we were scheduled to go in at 8am on November 30th.

I got to L&D around 7:30 am. My mom, sister, dad, and cousin all decided to tag along. The twins daddy  wasn’t physically there, but we Skyped during the entire process lol. Except during surgery prep.

They took me to the back room to get ready. (to anyone who remembers my earlier posts from my pregnancy, yes they certainly did shave my lady bits, but only the top of my bikini line lol). There they ran my IV, made me sign paperwork, and they scrubbed my belly. Of course they hooked me up to an NST machine, and did ONE LAST ultrasound to check positioning. Twin A (Draven) was still breech.

After about an hour, they let my mom come back to sit with me. That was a relief, because my nerves were through the roof.

I’m honestly not sure what time it was that they took me back to the operating room, but that’s where it hit me that it was really happening. Finally the long uncomfortable process of pregnancy was coming to an end.

The first thing they did whenever I got back was the spinal.
They prepared me for it by telling me that it felt like a bee sting, but I’ve never been stung before so I had no idea lol. I prepped myself for the worst pain ever, and really that helped me get through it.
It did hurt really bad, but it was so fast! It was a quick stick followed by a burning sensation. They gave me a second and third injection as well, I couldn’t feel the second, but the third felt like a dull ache in my left side.

Then they laid me down to insert the catheter. At this point I had the “Omg I have no legs!” feeling so I didn’t feel any of that.

I remember trying to kick my legs around but I couldn’t even tell if it was working. They gave me oxygen to help slow my heart rate and because I was so numb I couldn’t even feel myself breathing lol.

Once the doctor was ready, they brought in my mom. They strapped my wrists down to the table and lifted the curtain. I was shaking really bad from the epidural.

I could feel them cutting, it was weird. It wasn’t a pain, it was just pressure.

During the whole procedure I felt like I was floating on water a little bit.

They told me “We see a butt sticking out here. We’re just trying to figure out who’s it is!” I was surprised at just how quickly they got in there, it seemed like seconds. I could feel a lot of tugging, but still nothing painful.

As soon as the doctor said “We got a big boy here!” all of my nervous-ness went away. The doctor showed me my beautiful little man then took him to the table to clean him.
Draven was born at 11:03am weighing 6 pds 3oz and 18 1/2 inches long.
I heard his first cries and my heart melted.

I felt more tugging and all of a sudden my beautiful girl was being held in front of the curtain. She made me laugh because she looks just like her daddy!
Phoenix  was born at 11:04am weighing 5pds 8oz and also measuring at 18 1/2in long.

They took her to a table as well to clean her off. I felt a lot more pressure as they closed me up. I just couldn’t wait to hold them! A few minutes later, they handed them to my mom. I was able to see them up close and that was the most amazing feeling.
The anesthesiologist was so sweet, she took pictures of the four of us with my phone for me.

They unhooked my hands, and although I still wasn’t able to hold them, I was able to touch them.

Whenever I was finally sewn up, they took down the curtain and moved me to another bed. They opened my gown, and handed the babies to me. Finally, skin to skin. It was the most rewarding feeling ever.
They rolled us back out to the room where I filled out the paperwork, and the lactation specialist came to speak with me. From there, the rest of my family was able to come see them. After they had a good feed, I was able to go to my post partum room.

Delivery was easy, recovery sucked. By far the worst pain I’ve ever gone through.